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Hi there!

My name is Pamelyn, Head Math Coach of Math Made Easy.

Some of you may know me as the Secondary School Math Specialist who’s able to take a struggling Math student, transform their attitude toward Math and help him jump 2, 3 or even 4 grades for his Math exams all in a very short period of time using my “Topical Flowchart” technique.

Head Coach Pam

And if borderline C5, C6 or even D7 students can apply this method and improve, then so can your child!

Using our systematic approach, your child will be able to grasp concepts, clarify doubts and see results within a week, even if they have never passed Math before. More importantly, our program will BOOST HIS/HER CONFIDENCE to face their examinations head on!

Just to share, last year, more than 50% of our students scored Distinctions (A1/A2) during the ‘O’ Level Exam in 2016!

And my personal belief is this…

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a student who’s currently barely passing and looking to do well, or if you’re already doing well and looking to top your class/cohort, hundreds of students before you have benefited from our lessons in a short period of time. And if they can, then so can you!”


Introducing The Topical Flowchart System…
How Your Child Can Tackle ANY Math Question, With A Simple Step-By-Step “Yes/No” Technique, & Jump 2, 3, or Even 4 Grades In 60 Days Or Less!)

At Math Made Easy, we use a proven system that simplifies the learning process for Secondary school students.

This unique system is developed based on the 7 years of teaching experience and my success with over 547 students (mostly failing students who start scoring extremely well).

The Topical Flow Chart allows these students to jump 2,3 even 4 grades or more through combining the various difficult parts of each topic and portraying it in a visual manner that is EASY to understand!

One Of My Best Tutors Since I Started Going For Tuition Jumped 4 Grades from C6 to A2!

I would like to sincerely thank you for the help you have given me in my E and A mathematics for my O Levels.

Initially I had problems coping with mathematics and always scored around the less than average marks as compared to my classmates. Thankfully after being under your guidance, I have been able to pick up and catch up with my other classmates.

Instead of scolding me, your encouragement really motivates me. My results used to be around the C6 to B4 region, and in my o-levels, I scored an A2 for both Amaths and Emaths.

I cannot deny that you are one of my best tutors since I started going for tuition. Hope that your future students will benefit from your teachings and don’t stop teaching! Don’t waste this talent. Not everyone can teach like you do.

Keith Tan (C6 – A2)
Bowen Secondary School

Keith Tan

Bowen Secondary School

Lessons Didn’t Disappoint! Scored an A2!

I first heard of The Classroom via a friend in Secondary Three.

Back then, I was struggling badly in Amath and it seemed like NO MATTER HOW MUCH EFFORT I put into understanding Amath, I would nevertheless score consistent F9s in my exams.

I then decided to join The Classroom in the hope of improving my grades – and it didn’t disappoint! I would have to thank the teachers for being a crucial part of my olevel journey, for without his guidance I would’ve been unable to score a distinction! :~)

Natalie Tham

Nan Chiau High School

Here’s 3 Things You Need To Know About Math.Made.Easy

All Over Singapore!

Some of our students come from as far as Woodlands, Chai Chee or Choa Chu Kang to our humble centre in Hougang! We must be doing something VERY right!

Our Students Love Us!

93% of students who come for our Trial Classes stay on ALL the way till their ‘O’ Level Exams!


In House Resources

Our notes simplify learning. Many students who join us see an almost IMMEDIATE improvement in their math grades! Some of our students ask why the methods we teach are NOT taught in schools!

More Raving Reviews From Parents & Students…

Never Been More Happy

“She’s very happy she’s learning a lot from you.. She’s never been more happy doing math now.”

-Mrs Tong, Avery’s Mother

Simplify Learning…

“He said [lessons are] very good. Saying that you can make him understand more in 1 lesson than he can in school… thank you very much! :)”

-Jessica, Isaac’s Mother

A very BIG thank you…

“A very BIG thank you to you for helping me improve in my subjects! My Amath jumped from an F9 to B4 at O levels! I find your lessons helpful as it is not a big group of people, you are able to concentrate on individual’s progress and help us improve. Thank you for your guidance!”

-Berylnn, Pei Hwa Secondary School

Worth Travelling For…

”The tutor before you was just 3 mins away from our house but Marc would be so upset to go. He rather travel an hour to get to your tuition centre. Thank you so much!”

– Claudine, Marc’s Mother

Learn skills NOT taught in schools…

“Math classes are very useful as many different solutions that I don’t learn in school were taught

-Renee Foo, Pei Hwa Secondary School

I’m now pursuing a degree in math…

”Hi Mr Jeremy! Long time no chat! First of all, Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for teaching me math and without your guidance, I wouldn’t have that confidence in math that actually brought me here in Uni to do double calculus! Thank you for the patience you showed me… Hope you are doing great!”

– Reagan Yoko, Nan Chiau High School

Yes! I Want My Child To Score an A1 For ‘O’ Level Math!